People Who Steal Things

You know what really grinds my gears? Thieves. People who run around stealing things makes about zero sense. Seriously, it must be the epitome of selfishness. There seems to be a lot of thieves these days. Let’s just go over two that have come out front and center in the Plymouth gossip network.

shopliftersOrganized Shoplifters: there must be some website out there about how to do shoplifting in “the new millennium” or something. These people go from store to store in the mall and they all do the same things. They come into a store and then split up immediately. One member of the team tries to get the store operator’s attention while the other tries to stuff things into a giant, oversize purse. These people are actually “regulars” at some stores. They are marked out by the employees who see them walking through the mall together in a group. Then, when confronted, the thieves claim not to be part of a group. Who are they kidding? This type of thing isn’t limited to Plymouth, MI either. It’s pretty common at all malls. What they are doing with all this stuff? I don’t know but I’m guessing that this is where you can get all your cheap kids clothes for on eBay.

copper-thievesCopper Thieves: every now and then, someone will travel with a Realtor to look at one of the various Plymouth homes for sale and as soon as they step into the house they find something wrong. The house is vacant and empty. Maybe it was a foreclosure or maybe the homeowners had to move our prior to selling. Either way, there are large gashes cut into the wall where copper thieves have broken in and systematically cut all the copper out of the house in order to sell it for scrap. Tens of thousands of dollars in damage just to get a few hundred dollars worth of copper. That particular house feels violated, and that sense of horror is communicated clearly to the potential home buyer. This is the nightmare of every home in Plymouth that I talk with. The only fear greater is the fear of fire.

These types of people have no problem taking from someone else just so they can buy a .99 cent burger. Their lack of common decency and common sense is one of those things that really peels my paint.

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